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So very sorry to my readers out there.  It’s 2011, I now make a promise to keep up with the blog so I can have these little stories for Hunter to have.  Well it’s January.  Hunter is now 9 and a half months old!  Yikes!  Time is quickly flying and birthday party brainstorming has already begun!  Thank goodness Christmas is OVER!  It was exhausting with a kid this year.  I love spending time and seeing family and getting together, but oh my, that was a little overwhelming.  We spent the last couple weekends in December going to so many different Christmases.  I can’t remember the last time that I had spent a Christmas at home.  This year on Christmas Day, I told Jon I wanted us to sit down as a family, have breakfast, open presents, nap, and just enjoy this time together.  Hunter’s first Christmas.  It will only come once and we can’t redo it.  So we did just that. We enjoyed that morning and spent it as a family before we headed out the door a little after lunch.  Hunter got so many things for Christmas, it was crazy!  But the week after Christmas we went to the Pediatrician and Hunter now weighs 18 lbs and 2 oz. , he’s 27.5 inches long.  So he gained weight at a normal rate this time.  He is still a little guy for sure. Although, now that he has stopped nursing, he is on formula and it has appeared to me that he has bulked up a little.  He’s got some chunky legs now!  Here’s what else is new with him….

-He “cruises” around everything.  He even finds little obstacle courses for himself like pillows and chairs and toys and what not and climbs up over them.

-He waves “hi” and “bye”

-He talks.  His first was of course “dada” but he has since moved on to “nana”, “papa”, “baba”, “mama”(which I jumped out of my seat when I heard that and shed a small tear) and I believe he says “hi” also.

-He can understand commands.  I will tell him to go get Dad and he will crawl looking for him or whomever.  He also knows what are certain toys and will grab them when asked.

-He has become quite the little drummer boy.  Rockstar in the making!!I will have to post the video of that one!

-He can now let go of what he is holding on to and stand for a few seconds.  He can also multi-task while standing and clap, dance, sing, etc.

-He WILL be walking so soon I am certain.

-He still naps 3 times a day which is awesome!

-He can blow kisses and gives the best sloppy kisses ever! I have to cherish these now and I make sure that Jon gets in on them too!

-He cracks himself up!

-He loves books even more now.  He especially loves “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” (he dances with it)!

-When he takes a bath now he tries to stand up in his ducky tub.

-He still has NO TEETH!!!! (But the way he is gnawing on everything, I think they are coming)

-He can initiate games of peek-a-boo.  It’s adorable to see him hide under his blanket, squeal while I sing “Where is Hunter” and then uncover himself when done and grin so big!! It’s adorable and I will work on that video too!

Hunter is an amazing child!  He is so smart, funny, adorable and just amazing to be around.  I love getting to watch him every second of the day just change into this awesome little being.  I love watching him and then pointing out his newest accomplishment.  I must finishing editing pictures, but I will leave you some of Hunter.

Visiting with Cayden

Riding on his new rocking horse with Bella.

Ready for his 1st Christmas!


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