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So very sorry to my readers out there.  It’s 2011, I now make a promise to keep up with the blog so I can have these little stories for Hunter to have.  Well it’s January.  Hunter is now 9 and a half months old!  Yikes!  Time is quickly flying and birthday party brainstorming has already begun!  Thank goodness Christmas is OVER!  It was exhausting with a kid this year.  I love spending time and seeing family and getting together, but oh my, that was a little overwhelming.  We spent the last couple weekends in December going to so many different Christmases.  I can’t remember the last time that I had spent a Christmas at home.  This year on Christmas Day, I told Jon I wanted us to sit down as a family, have breakfast, open presents, nap, and just enjoy this time together.  Hunter’s first Christmas.  It will only come once and we can’t redo it.  So we did just that. We enjoyed that morning and spent it as a family before we headed out the door a little after lunch.  Hunter got so many things for Christmas, it was crazy!  But the week after Christmas we went to the Pediatrician and Hunter now weighs 18 lbs and 2 oz. , he’s 27.5 inches long.  So he gained weight at a normal rate this time.  He is still a little guy for sure. Although, now that he has stopped nursing, he is on formula and it has appeared to me that he has bulked up a little.  He’s got some chunky legs now!  Here’s what else is new with him….

-He “cruises” around everything.  He even finds little obstacle courses for himself like pillows and chairs and toys and what not and climbs up over them.

-He waves “hi” and “bye”

-He talks.  His first was of course “dada” but he has since moved on to “nana”, “papa”, “baba”, “mama”(which I jumped out of my seat when I heard that and shed a small tear) and I believe he says “hi” also.

-He can understand commands.  I will tell him to go get Dad and he will crawl looking for him or whomever.  He also knows what are certain toys and will grab them when asked.

-He has become quite the little drummer boy.  Rockstar in the making!!I will have to post the video of that one!

-He can now let go of what he is holding on to and stand for a few seconds.  He can also multi-task while standing and clap, dance, sing, etc.

-He WILL be walking so soon I am certain.

-He still naps 3 times a day which is awesome!

-He can blow kisses and gives the best sloppy kisses ever! I have to cherish these now and I make sure that Jon gets in on them too!

-He cracks himself up!

-He loves books even more now.  He especially loves “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” (he dances with it)!

-When he takes a bath now he tries to stand up in his ducky tub.

-He still has NO TEETH!!!! (But the way he is gnawing on everything, I think they are coming)

-He can initiate games of peek-a-boo.  It’s adorable to see him hide under his blanket, squeal while I sing “Where is Hunter” and then uncover himself when done and grin so big!! It’s adorable and I will work on that video too!

Hunter is an amazing child!  He is so smart, funny, adorable and just amazing to be around.  I love getting to watch him every second of the day just change into this awesome little being.  I love watching him and then pointing out his newest accomplishment.  I must finishing editing pictures, but I will leave you some of Hunter.

Visiting with Cayden

Riding on his new rocking horse with Bella.

Ready for his 1st Christmas!


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The reasons why I love Shutterfly!


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Halloween has now past and now the two biggest holidays of the year are here!  Let me just tell you, being a new mom and the first holidays is a BIG deal!  I have a lot on my plate and a lot of things to do!  Brainstorming begins, traditions start, scanning the best Black Friday ads, getting family pictures done, making gift lists and wish lists, purchasing holiday cards!  Ahhhh!!  Where does the time fly.  Hunter is now in the 7 month window and needing a whole lot more hands on since he can manuever very quickly these days and is very inquisitive to climbing up on things.

So back to the holidays…..

This past weekend we did our family pictures with my sister.  We haven’t done a family portrait since Hunter was a newborn.  It was amazing!  The little guy is just too darn cute and there are so many pictures to choose from.  I am now on my mission to finding the perfect Christmas card!!  I always use Shutterfly.  I have a lot of pictures uploaded to their site just in case my computer ever wants to go out on me, by the way it did, but I saved them all on Shutterfly and my handy external hard drive.  We ordered Hunter’s birth announcements on Shutterfly and that took me forever to even pick those out, I liked them all a little too much!  With a new kid, I have to send out Christmas cards.  Hunter is too cute to now share with everyone else and have him decorate their hallways, fireplaces, tables, refrigerators, etc.  So I am down to a few selections, I think!

Here they are:

http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/cards-stationery/with-love-blue-christmas-5×7-folded-card?sortType=1&storeNode=93495 I LOVE this one!  This was  a big year for us and we have a lot to document and show to others.  This one is on my top 3 List for sure.

http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/cards-stationery/with-love-blue-christmas-5×7-folded-card?sortType=1&storeNode=93495 This one is on the same level as the last one, just it’s not a folded card.  I love the Christmas colors and that I can put a ton of pictures of Hunter on it.

http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/holiday-cards/seasonal-chic-noir-christmas-card-5×7-flat?sortType=1&storeNode=93479 I love the clean and modern and crisp feeling of this card.

http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/cards-stationery/classic-red-square-christmas-card?sortType=1&storeNode=93479 This one would document our past year perfectly!

Now you see why I am having a problem deciding.  There are just way too many choices!  And all of these cards are super adorable!  So while I make this hard decision, you can just sit by your mailbox and wait for your special card in the mail!

So here are a few other things that I really love from Shutterfly!

These:http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars/wall-calendars I ordered them for Mother’s Day and got a really good price on them and I will probably be ordering more again in the near future!

These:http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/holiday-story-cards? I can write a little extra on these cards and show what the year has really been all about.

And these:  http://www.shutterfly.com/home-decor/canvas-wall-art I need some of these!!!!

Now on to the best part…I know all the hoopla of the holidays can get super expensive, that is why Shutterfly is offering this:

http://blog.shutterfly.com/5358/holiday2010-blog-submission-form/ So go and blog about how wonderful their products are and how much you use them(I do!!) and get your free Holiday cards.  It’ll be one less thing you have to worry about!!

Enjoy this calm before the storm of the holidays!!  I will be blogging again soon.  I have my hands a little full right now!


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5 Months

I can’t believe I have neglected my blog for this long!  Sorry to all of you readers out there, I will try to keep up with it more.  So much has happened since Hunter was 11 weeks old!  At his 4 month appointment, Hunter weighed in at 13lbs. and 7 oz. and was 25 1/2 inches long.  He is definitely growing everyday.  He is also a long and lean baby.  Summer has just flown by and we have just been spending time seeing family and staying out of this Texas heat!   Jon left us for the first time about a month ago to go to Oklahoma for Children’s church camp called Dry Gulch.  He had a blast.  I stayed home with Hunter and I will have to say that it was weird not having Jon around.  Luckily I have my parents at the house to take Hunter out of my hands at time, or give him a bath, diaper change.  I got to spend some good quality alone time with Hunter one night while my parents went to an Aerosmith concert.  It was my first time alone, alone with Hunter and no one else came home.  I was super excited when they all did come back, because it is hard to go a day with just talking to an infant.  But we had some good bonding time. I haven’t had him alone for that long since he was born.

Hunter has mastered so many new skills now and is growing up so fast right before our very own eyes.  We still look at him and say, “we have a kid now”.  I am not sure when this will ever be surreal to us.  So here is what our little 5 Month old has been up to.

-Hunter has mastered many new skills:  He can roll back to belly now and so forth.

Hunter is rolling over!

-He has been army crawling since he was 3+months and has now begun to rock back and forth like he is about to take off.  I am sure he will be crawling in the next few weeks.  (Seems a little early..but he is so ahead of time)

Army crawling

-He is now eating solids and LOVES them!!!  He grunts at us if we take too long in between bites or he wants more.  He eats so much now too!

Loving his Prunes!

-Whether you want to know this or not, it’s still a milestone in his book, but Hunter is now pooping solids! It makes for diaper changing to be so easy now since he has become quite the little wiggleworm.

-His naps are way too short for my liking these days.

-We think he really likes Chris Tomlin’s music…because no matter what, every time I have it on in the car, he will start to hum/chatter along to the song.

-The other day in Target he was kicking his feet to the beat of a song and then it would stop and he would stop, and then the process would start all over again.

-He has had a few play dates with some friends of ours.

Playdate with Connor (10 Months)

-He plays in his walker, and mainly bites the steering wheel the whole time.

Having to much fun in his convertible.

-He was dedicated at church this past weekend with all of our family there.  It was such a special day for us! Pictures to come soon.  He was all dressed up in this cute little suit and converse.

-We went on a family vacation!!  Some friends from church invited us down to Corpus Christi with them and it was such a nice get away and a nice vacation for me.  Hunter’s favorite part was jumping the waves with daddy and finding sand dollars with me.

Jumping waves with Jon

"Walking" the beach

On the beach with Mom

-He  has got quite the belly laugh going on and he is always smiling or its really easy to get him to smile and laugh.

-We just got his new exersaucer in today and he has been in it for over an hour with no crying!

-My sister and I have found that dress up is truly the best way to torture this kid, but it makes for great pictures!

Jon's entry for Field & Stream magazine.

My little Cowboy

Bare booty!

Always smiling!

-He is getting more hair finally!!!

-We think he is teething.  He was sleeping through the night the week Jon was gone to camp, but then after that it has been very spread out, and now he is waking up more often than he used to and crying/fussing a little more…let the teething begin!

-He imitates the faces you make.

-He loves our night time routine of bath, reading, and rocking in the chair.

-He can stay in the tripod stance for a while, but then topples over to one side.  We are hoping he will sit up very soon!

Well that is all that I can think of right now.  In my future posts, I will probably be making this blog more personal and towards Hunter.  Right now it helps me remember the milestones that he has passed, but I want to start writing some blogs directly to him.


The Herrin’s

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11 Weeks

Posing for pictures

Today Hunter is 11 weeks old! Not too much has been going on.  Jon has been busy working, and I am just at home with Hunter.  Hunter has been up to a little bit now.  Here is what’s been going on with him……..

–He now weighs over 12 pounds (I weighed him on our scale so maybe not too accurate!)

–He loves his play mat…..he now knows how to grab the things that dangle from it and pull and hold on

–He laughs and talks to the musical frog/rattle thing we put on his car seat

–He is beginning to not like his car seat so much and cry more in the car

–He FINALLY slept through the night this past weekend

–We tried to get him in the pool we got, and he didn’t like that it was cold

–He still enjoys the church nursery and falls asleep in the swing every time!

–His neck control is pretty much perfect and  he holds it up so well!

–He FINALLY rolled over and of course I didn’t have my video camera with me, but we caught it on tape with Aunt Candi’s Iphone

Right before rolling over!

–He is starting to drool a lot and a little spit up here and there


–We have had to take out the newborn inserts in his car seat because he is getting so big

–He naps consistently everyday around the same times and has got on a daily schedule

–I can put him down in his crib and he will fall asleep on his own! Yay!!

–I don’t have to hold him all the time anymore since he is becoming more independent in the day and likes to have more playtime

–He still talks a lot and it is so cute!

–He went on his first train ride

Riding the train with mommy

Napping on the train

After the train ride

–He has started to roll over in his crib

–He went swimming for the first time at his Great Aunt Kathy’s house and he LOVED it!!

Enjoying a swim and kicking under the floatie

–I dressed him up like Elmer Fud and he was so cute!

Elmer Fud


The Herrin’s

Smiling. He looks like me a lot here in this baby picture.

Watching tv with daddy

Blue Eyes

Dr. Herrin

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8 Week Update

Can you believe it!!  Hunter is 8 weeks old!!!  Hunter has just been a bundle of joy!  He is changing everyday.  Here is what he has been accomplishing since he was a month old…..

-He is sleeping in his crib and he likes to sleep best on his side.  He only sleeps for 3-4 hour increments in between feedings.  He also takes about 4 naps a day,  some for an hour others for 3!

-His smiles just melt your heart! They are so sweet to wake up to.

-He will repeat noises that I do.

-He sits in his bumbo and likes it for maybe 5 minutes.

-He has been to the church nursery for a while now and is very content, mainly because he sleeps while there.

-He has started to make little laughing noises.

-At his 2 month check up yesterday, Hunter weighed in at 11 pounds 11 ounces 50th percentile and he is 22 1/2 inches long. He also received his first set of Immunizations.

-The vaccines sure did make him cranky and I cried when he woke up from a nap while laying on me.  It was the saddest cry I have ever heard and it made me so sad to hear him in pain!

-He enjoys his weekday and weekend nights with his dad.  On the weekends Jon has daddy duty so I can get some rest.

-He now goes everywhere with us.  Every time I have taken him to the mall he has slept! He has also stayed back with grandparents while I go on errands.

-He is eating about 6-7 ounces in a single feeding now.

-He has moved into the size 1 diaper category and size 1-2 in Pampers.

-He can fit into all sizes of clothes.  He can especially fit into 3 month onesies because he is so long.

-He went to his first birthday party for his friend Cohen!

-He will wear sunglasses and go for walks outside with mommy.

Sporting his new sunglasses that I just had to buy him

-Last week I bought a play mat/gym for him and he loves to look at himself in the mirror and talk and he has attempted to bat at the objects hanging. He also moves his legs in a bicycle routine as fast as he can when on the mat.

-He has found his hands.  When I say found, I mean he has started to gnaw on them!!  The boy loves his hands.

-He can find me with his eyes when I walk into a room and talk to him.  He can also find others he is familiar with.  His gaze is now more solid on the things he is looking at.

-He loves to watch cartoons.  Grandpa has got him started on them and he LOVES to lay in their bed and watch them.

-He really LOVES his baths now.  He doesn’t just want to sit in there for a few minutes.  He likes to be in there for like 10!!

The boy LOVES his baths and his hands!

-He loves for me to read him books.  Apparently everyone I read to him, he has fallen asleep to.

-He still loves to cuddle up on your chest.

-He has started to grab and pull my hair and Jon’s chest hair! Ha!

In general, Hunter has been a great baby.  He’s had his rough days and nights, but those are sparse.  It’s nice now to finally get to go places with him and although he may not know where we are, it’s still fun to take him. I am ready to take him to the zoo, Sea World etc.  Except probably not until this Texas heat cools down again.

Hunter's nap at the church picnic

Sporting his first cowboy hat! Daddy blocked the sun from him at the church picnic with his cowboy hat

Hanging out on his boppyBlessings~

The Herrin’s

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A month has now come and gone and we are at 6 weeks old now!!  Every day is a new day with Hunter.  We went to the Pediatrician for his 1-month well check up and Mr. Hunter now weighs 10lbs. 15 ounces and is in the 75th percentile for his weight!!  He’s quite the big boy.  It’s so weird to me looking at other babies and noticing how big my son is compared to someone else his age.  Every picture I take of  Hunter he looks so much older.

Our days are still spent the same…..feedings, naps, tummy time, talking time, and just lounging around.  Jon and I have taken him everywhere.  He went on his first road trip last week to Houston.  We went with my parents and he did so good.  He slept the majority of travel time there and back.  We have also been trying to make it out to everyone who has yet to meet him in our families that are local.  Jon’s mom threw Hunter a little family “Meet Hunter” party.  Susan’s family was able to come out and meet him and hold him.  He was definitely putting on a show flashing his smile for everyone!!!  These days, it’s hard not to get a smile out of Hunter.  Jon was as excited as I was when Hunter first smiled at him.  We were going through his room the other day and we put away his newborn clothes that he can no longer fit into.  It was so sad.  I know there are many more clothes to come, but to see that he actually outgrew those so fast and that he was once tiny enough to fit into them was a bittersweet moment for me.  I have had a few more moments like that.  Like when he smiled at me…. I cried, when he cooed back at me… I cried, celebrating my first mother’s day..I cried.  Such special moments!!

I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day this past Sunday!  What a special time for me! Jon and I have been going back and forth everywhere lately that all I wanted was to have everyone over here so we didn’t have to juggle time between our mom’s.  So we went to church that morning and were joined by Jon’s mom, Chuck and his brother Joe.  After church we went to my parents house where my dad cooked a feast for us.  We had ribs, pork butt, potatoes, bread, etc and the best was the banana pudding my mom made just for me! Except those Herrin boys sure did eat the majority of it!  Overall my mother’s day was so blessed and I loved the card that Hunter got me and signed!  All those festivities made me tired and I was so thankful to be in bed by 9pm!

This Monday Jon started a new job!  Yay!! This job came at the right moment for sure because he was probably about to be let go from Atlas.  The guy who hired him randomly ran into Joe (Jon’s brother) one night and asked how Jon was and what he was doing.  He gave Joe his card to give to Jon and Jon called him and they discussed job opportunities and the rest is history.  Jon so far likes his job and we are both very thankful for it.  The hours very every day, but the overtime is nice for us since I am not working yet.  But every time Jon can get to spend with his son he does.  He hates that he is tired when he gets off of work and only has a few hours before bed to spend with Hunter.  I have been looking at school’s again and have applied, but we will see what happens.  I am also working on getting my photography business back up and running since I was pregnant when I tried to start it.

Until next time!


Jon and Kristin

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