Here is that precious 10lb 8 ouncer giving momma his first smile!


I can’t believe 4 weeks have gone by…and they have flown by so fast!  It’s weird thinking that I was being induced 4 weeks ago and anxiously waiting to see Hunter.  Now today, I get to see him every morning and every day is a new day with him.  Here is what the little guy has accomplished so far…..

–He could hold his head up strongly at two weeks and then stiffen his legs out

–He began to coo and make ahh noises at 2.5 weeks

–He can take his paci in and out of his mouth and find it when he spits it out

–He still sleeps every 3-4 hours but last night slept for 6 hours!!

–He loves his baths

–He recognizes voices and can usually find me when I am around him.  He also can follow an object really well or a person.

–He looks around to find the noise that is in the room.

–He loves the vibrate on his pack and play, but we have started to let him sleep in his crib at night and he has done great

–He has found his hands and sucks on his hands and fingers.  He has also found his shirt or whatever is in front of him to suck on as well

–He loves to sleep on his tummy…don’t worry it is only his day naps and is fully supervised by me

–He has a crying session every night around 6-6:30

–He is a whopping 10lbs 8oz!!!!

–When Hunter is on his tummy, he will become an inch worm and start to scoot himself forward

–Hunter has been able to roll on his side and almost roll over on his belly

With all of these accomplishments, Jon and I both can’t believe his is already this big and growing everyday! We both agree that he needs to slow down, we aren’t ready for him to grow up so fast. But I will have to say the greatest thing that I love to see is him smiling.  He is actually smiling now and it is not just gas.  He recognizes my voice in the morning after I burp him and then lay him in front of me to talk to him and that is when I get the biggest grin.  This is what I longed for as a mom to be.  I am in love with that little smile. Yesterday for about 15 minutes as I was talking to him he would somewhat carry on a talk back.  That has been the longest and most ohhs, ahhs, and coos in one setting he has ever done!  So precious and priceless.

Sunday we got to take Hunter to meet his church family!  Jon and I were so anxious and excited to have him meet all of these wonderful people because throughout those 41weeks, these people have been praying for him.  How special is that?  To have people who don’t even know you and can’t wait to meet you, pray for you! I think Jon was most excited because for years he has worked in the children’s ministry and played and held other people’s kids, and now he was holding his own kid in worship and singing those Jesus songs to him.  What a special moment.  Jon was definitely grinning from ear to ear during worship with his son.  It was such a special moment for them.  Hunter did great during church, mainly because we went back to the infant room and he just ate and slept!

More to come next week as we go to his 1 month check-up! Stay tuned!!


Jon, Kristin & Hunter

Well Hunter is officially 2 weeks old and 1 day!  He is already growing so fast!  These past two weeks for Jon and I have been busy ones.  We have settled into the parenthood quite well.  The first week home was definitely a trial and error, but we made it.  Hunter is quite the good baby.  Of course all he does is eat, sleep, poop and pee.  On occasion he will cry, but he is a great baby!  We love having him and we just look at him in pure awe.  He is so handsome and adorable and cute and we just can’t get enough of him.  We love spending every minute of our time with him.

The first few days we were home Jon was off, so we were able to share the time of night time duties with one another.  We both figured it out and had a few funny happenings.  Jon got his funny mishap when we were lying in bed with Hunter on Jon’s bare chest and all Hunter had on was a diaper.  Well Jon had just said that he is not surprised the little man hasn’t peed on him, well next thing he did was feel something warm running down his stomach.  The little man heard his dad’s words and thought it would be funny to pee on him at that exact moment.  Guess Jon spoke too soon.  We also found out that his diapers were too big for him and that is why he was peeing on himself too much.  As for my funny happening, I was in the baby room changing his diaper on the floor and totally forgot about little boys and their sprinkler systems and next thing you know I am dodging for a towel to cover him from peeing all over the floor.  Let’s just say our Pee Pee Tee Pee’s are at arms length away now!!

With parenthood you don’t know what to expect when it finally happens.  But so far, I think Jon and I have adjusted well and really fit into that parenting category.  We love it!!!!  Our little man is full of surprises everyday and we love to just look at him…oh and snuggling up with him is the best.  Alright my goal from now on is to write a daily blog of what is going on.  One day I would love for Hunter to look back at this and read it.  So I will try my hardest.  And I might be doing a little bit of a flashback of these last two weeks.  We had a lot going on.


:::The Herrin’s:::

Alright so here is the birth story of our little guy…….

On Tuesday morning, March 30th,  I of course couldn’t sleep with the anticipation of heading to the hospital to finally get to meet Hunter.  I was up at 2am that morning and never fell back asleep before we headed to the hospital.  I was having 7 minute contractions for a little while, then they tapered off into the 20 minutes, etc.  So after we got the car loaded and things ready, we drove off to the hospital both a little nervous and anxious and also a little unsure of what to expect.

As we got to the hospital we were greeted by Grandma Susan and Grandpa Chuck.  They were actually at the hospital before us!! I checked in at the ER desk and gave my information to them and then we were led up to the Labor and Delivery Unit.  We were nestled into room number 16.  The hospital was empty(which I loved) and the only thing you could hear going on was a birth in the room near us.  Apparently that lady was having her first child as well and delivered in 3 hours!! Let’s just say that wasn’t the case for me!  As we got settled in I changed into my gown and then the nurse came in and got me started on an IV and took down vitals, etc.  At about 6:15am, they came in and gave me my 3 doses of Penicillin since I tested positive for Group Beta Strep.  This medicine was so important to the baby so we were glad that I was being induced and able to get it on time to protect the baby.  As we waited for things to begin, Jon and I had to get things off of our minds and calm our nerves so we watched our favorite radio morning show, JB & Sandy, on KEYE.  At 6:30 the nurse came back in and started my induction medicine, Pitocin.  At this time, I was only 4 cm dilated and about 90-95% effaced.

I started to feel my contractions begin at around 7am.  I had semi- fallen back asleep for a little while as well as Jon in the recliner next to me. The contractions were not intense and then Nurse was surprised that I couldn’t really feel them and that they didn’t bother me.  You could see them occurring on the machine next to me and hear Hunter’s heartbeat.  To hear his heartbeat was a nice calming technique for me as I dozed in and out.  Then Dr. Landwermeyer came in and broke my water and did an exam.  She said that Hunter had pooped in the sac and could have possibly ingested some so when he comes out they would have to watch for that and that he may be spitting up some meconium.  After my water was broken things really started to change.  I was now 5cm dilated and the contractions were coming on more frequently, but they still weren’t too intense.  The Dr. L said by then that she was surprised they didn’t hurt as much and that I might just be able to do the delivery without an epidural.  So after your water breaks you have a lot of stuff going on.  I had to pee so much and the funny thing was that I was hooked up to so many machines that Jon would escort my IV with me to the bathroom and then I had to wrap the heartbeat and contraction cords around my neck and carry them.  It was definitely a funny and annoying task.  I mean how are you supposed to manuever with all that connected to you and have contractions all the same time.  But  I give a great amount of thanks to Jon, he  was such a great sidekick and support system.   I don’t think I could have done any of it without him.  So after a while we were just sitting and waiting and sleeping and resting and trying to prepare ourselves.  Me especially.  I still didn’t know what to expect.

At around 10am things started to kick into high gear.  The contractions I could finally feel.  They were beginning to get a little more intense and hurting me a little more.  I think that they were making me just so uncomfortable. I had Jon turn the channel on the tv to get my mind off of them.  Now let me remind you, I had no birthing class experience and I wanted to go natural!  Was I crazy at this point?  I was having to get up and go to the restroom more and now I could feel the intensity of the contractions and would have to stay on the toilet a little longer until after my contraction stopped.  I was finally fully effaced and thought that things would move faster by then.  The medicine was making me more drowsy and out of it.  I don’t remember past this point much or even what was on the television.  I do remember that at about this time I finally spoke with Jon about getting an epidural.  I prayed about this whole natural birth for a long time and felt that I wanted to solely rely on God through this amazing journey.  So when the contractions were intense, all I could do was pray that God would take the pain away or lessen it.  I also prayed a lot of my favorite scriptures over and over, one in particular…Philippians 4:6-7.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus

This scripture has helped me a lot in the past and has comforted me through some rough times. Jon was in a chair right next to me and at this point I wouldn’t let go of his hand.  I had to have his hand right there with me.  If he had to get up to go the bathroom I prayed I wouldn’t have a contraction while he was gone.  I didn’t want to have them alone.  All I would do was wave my fingers at him and he would instantly reach over and grab my hand and tell me I’d be okay and that I could do it.  He was also reading the Bible next to me and some Scriptures out loud as well as praying.  It was such a spiritual atmosphere and it felt like our wedding day all over again when we were praying with our Pastor over communion.  We knew God was there with us in room 16 and that he wasn’t about to leave us.  Unfortunately I couldn’t stand the contractions anymore and asked the nurse for my epidural.  Well that did not go so smoothly.  Things changed instantly.  I had to prepare my mind for labor without an epidural.  I had to find that inner strength and I had to pray for God’s help.  The nurse had taken my platelet count earlier in the day and it scored a 96.  Now to get an epidural they need the number to be over 100 to be safe and keep you from the risky zone.  The anesthesiologist came back in to discuss the number and said since it wasn’t too low under 100 that they could probably give me the epidural, but she wanted to check the count one more time.  Now an epidural is nothing to play around with.  It is a huge risk, which is why I was so hesitant to get one in the first place, it only takes one wrong move and you could be paralyzed for the rest of your life.  That is way too scary to me!  The anesthesiologist returned about an hour or so later and said that my new platelet count was 92.  It had dropped.  Now she was worried and I was worried and I could tell Jon was worried.  He hated to see me in pain.  She said that is still in the 90s and it would be on us if we wanted to continue with the epidural.  At this time my heart sank.  I didn’t know what to do.  Do I put myself in danger and risk the side effects of this stupid pain reliever, or do I just bulk up and take it as it is.  Well she needed an answer right then.  Jon and I had discussed an epidural a while back and said that I would do whatever I could before I asked for that and that he had to keep me from getting it unless I absolutely begged for it.  We always said too that since we prayed about it if it was meant to be then God would make something happen.  We decided to get a stat platelet count one more time and if it was lower, then we knew it was God’s will to move forward in my pregnancy without it.  Well God spoke to us.  The count came back at an 84.  It dropped significantly and it was way too risky to get so we had to move forward.  I had no idea what to expect now.  My heart sank for a minute and all I could think was, how was I going to do this with this terrible pain? So the room cleared and we were silent for a little bit and both worried.  I immediately just sat there and prayed.  At that point I was really scared for myself.  The pain would only get worse.  I think the time was about 12pm or 1pm now and I was given Demerol I believe to help me relax in between contractions and they stopped the Pitocin at this point since I was contracting on my own.  I was somewhere around 7-8cm by then.

From here, things get really blurry for me.  I was so exhausted already and the medicine was really helping me relax in between contractions that I was falling in and out of sleep.  I had been in labor for 7 hours now.  The contractions increased, and my body was so weak.  I definitely did not want to get out of that bed from that point on.  I also surely didn’t want to keep switching sides I was laying on, but the nurse kept making me.  It took the help of Jon and her to help me flip over.  Around 3pm the contractions were so intense.  I had the urge to push constantly, but I was not supposed to because it would only delay labor more.  How can you not push when your body was telling you to?  At this point I had the breathing techniques down and Jon was helping me with them.  I had to find some way of breathing to help me  not push.  I never yelled during labor, even without the meds.  I just relied on Jon’s hand to comfort me.  He was watching the screen beside me as contractions came in small and then huge.  He would tell me when they were small, and then he would tell me to breathe when they were huge.  An hour later, the urge to push was so intense.  Somewhere between 4pm-5pm I was dilated to 9cm but it jumped back to 8cm when I kept pushing when I wasn’t supposed to.  Shortly after 5pm, in between my drowsiness, Dr. L finally said to push! My response, “are you serious”?  What a relief!!!  I pushed for 2 long hours!!  I remember looking up at the clock on occasion to see where we were.  I finally made it to that point.  To the point that I would finally get to meet my little guy.  Two of the best parts of pushing……when they brought out these bars for me to hold on to that helped push a lot.  Then when his supposed to be little head, was finally out.  Pushing wore me out!!!  But Hunter was finally out.  I had done it!  I thanked God and my wonderful husband for being there with me.

Jon was supposed to cut Hunter’s cord, but he had complications from birth with the swallowing of the meconium that he actually had to be taken from us immediately and placed on the table in the room to be worked on.  He didn’t cry.  I didn’t see them pull him out.  I didn’t hear my sweet boy’s cry.  I got a little worried.  I think Jon was too at this point.  The nurses and Pediatrician were working on him and blocking my view of him.  I do remember seeing him for a split second and he was really blue and not making a peep.  My heart sort of sunk.  I knew something was wrong when I could see the Dr. cutting his cord and not my husband.  I didn’t hear a cry for what seemed like forever!  I was so worried and they weren’t saying anything to us.  Turns out Hunter had to be intubated and massaged to stimulate his breathing because of the intake of meconium in the sac.  And then finally after what seemed like forever…..I heard his sweet cry!  I knew he was okay at that point.  I couldn’t believe I had finally heard my sweet baby boy’s cry.  Then I found out how much he weighed…..a whopping 9 pounds 9.5 ounces and was 21 and 3/4 inches!!  That is a huge baby!  My sweet little chunky monkey!!


Hunter is still not here.  We had a lot of hope for this past weekend but nothing!  Anyways, if he does not come tonight, I will be induced tomorrow morning at 5:30am at Seton Southwest.   So no matter what, he will be here this week! He might try tonight to share the same birthday as me, but we will see.

Jon and Kristin

Here are just a few of our maternity pictures that my wonderful and talented sister Candi took.  We love them and are so glad she was able to capture some memories for us!  Thanks sis!  Love you!!  Check out Candi Coated Photography on Facebook for more info!