40weeks + 1day

Well Hunter surpassed his due date.  We kind of knew it would happen.  Jon and I were so anxious yesterday, but he never came.  Oh well.  The waiting game continues.  Today I went in for another weekly check up and it was at the hospital office location.  Dr. Landwermeyer says I am the same as last week…3cm, fully effaced, etc.  I asked her how big she thought he was and she said about 8 lbs.  We discussed an induction and as much as I don’t want to be induced, we went ahead and scheduled an induction for next Tuesday, March 30th!  Looks like Hunter and my birthday will be close to one another! Maybe even the same day!  We will have to wait and see!

Since I was past my due date, they went ahead and sent me over to the labor and delivery unit to get a non-stress test done to see how the little man was.  I am very glad Jon was able to take off of work today to go with me.  Although my dad would have been just fine as company, I wanted Jon to be able to know what was ahead and also to hear the little man’s heartbeat again.  So I got all comfy on the bed that I will see very soon, and they hooked two little  devices to my stomach and we instantly heard Hunter’s heartbeat and then the other was showing my contractions.  At first I thought that the top bar was my contractions since I have felt a few but not really and the lines were pretty stable, but the nurse clarified that those were sure enough the heartbeat.  So that made the bottom chart my contractions and they were going up and down.  At times I can feel contractions, but I also think that they are just Hunter pressing his head on my pelvic bone.  The nurse did say I was a little dehydrated and insisted on getting me juice and water and that I was to maintain keeping up my hydration and that it would help with the contractions and to recognize the bigger ones.  I now know for sure that all these little feelings I have been having are contractions, just not the super painful ones yet!!

Once the tests were done, we were good to go and it appears that Hunter is doing well in there.  After the appointment Jon and I decided to keep me out and walking so we went to a few stores and then home.  I have had a few more contractions since my appointment, but nothing too intense.  I have had a few indicators that labor is near, but I will spare you the details.  So we now predict that Hunter will be here sometime this weekend. We can’t wait!!! Until then I will enjoy these last few days with my husband as a family as two and enjoy every minute with him.  I probably should also enjoy the extra sleep I am getting now before I have interrupted sleep.  We will keep you posted as Hunter arrives!


:::Jon and Kristin:::


Due Date!

It’s 9:57 am on my due date and the little man has yet to make an appearance.  We will see if he decides that March 23rd is suitable enough for him for his birth date.  His daddy is really hoping for that mini-vacay soon and those Grandma’s are soooo ready too.  Of course I am ready, but you all know that.  I just can’t believe that I have been pregnant for 10 months now which is equivalent to 304 days.  That is almost a full year. Insane! Well keep us in your prayers and that Hunter will come on his own and I won’t have to be induced! We will keep you readers posted!


That is right!  We are still waiting for the arrival of Hunter.  We have been told at our last two appointments that he should be here any day now, well he is still not here.  I think our little bundle of joy wants to come into this world on his exact due date–TUESDAY!  I can’t believe he has stayed in there this long.  It must be really cozy, because I know he has no room to move.  Poor guy is all squished in there.

I had my last baby shower on the 13th that included Jon’s families and my closest friends.  Jon got to tag along for this one, which I loved, because this isn’t just about me and Hunter, it’s about all 3 of us.  It was a fun shower and we are truly blessed by all the gifts and people that were there to give us the shower and attend the shower.  We are truly loved and are so thankful for it.  Of course I was so exhausted when we finally got home that night.  I think that was the first time after a shower that I haven’t put everything away in the nursery immediately following.  Instead, I woke up early the next morning and organized it all with help from my mom.  Jon of course was crashed out and sleeping in! Now our final purchases have been made and everything is set. Finally!  Although, I don’t think everything will ever be just set and ready.  I will probably be sending Jon to the store at some point in the first couple of weeks.

This past Thursday I went to the Doctor again for my 39th week check-up.  My parents got to go along because they don’t want me going anywhere alone, and I totally understand.   I got checked out by the Physician’s Assistant since Dr. L is on Spring Break.  Well I am now 3cm dilated, fully effaced, and Hunter is at a -2 station.  When I first got there, Joni said they were real surprised that I even made it to that appointment. Well I did.  Now I just might make it to my Wednesday appointment next week, that means I will be 1 day overdue.  If I make it to that appointment, we will discuss induction.  The good thing is that Hunter is not too huge, so there is no rush to get him out of there.

The anticipation of Hunter’s arrival has been on high since the Dr. told us three weeks ago that he could be here any day.  Everyone is excited for his arrival and all are ready to finally meet him.  Jon and I are trying to contain our excitement, but it’s so hard.  And I am getting pretty tired of just sitting around the house not doing much because I don’t know when he is coming.  And Jon is ready to take a mini-vacation from work and have some time off to enjoy his family of three.  But I am a little sad that we have finally reached THAT time. It’s been so amazing to carry this little one around in me and feel him move around.  It will be a joyous occasion when he is here, but the bond that I have built with this little man inside of me has been the best time ever.  I know that bond will grow stronger with me and him as he enters the world and grows up, but I can truly say that I have loved being pregnant and think it is such a beautiful thing to carry a little growing human being inside of you for over 270+ days.

I may not know when he will come, nor Jon or the Doctor.  But we can already truly say it was worth the wait.  He is ready when he is ready and hopefully I won’t have to be induced because I want him to be able to enter this world when he wants too. I will have to say that he has been teasing us here lately with little contractions and just feeling funny, but we still are waiting.

As we approach this next week and Hunter’s due date, we will be anxious, nervous, scared, happy, sad, joyous and a whole lot of other emotions that we will take one step at a time.  I am now mentally prepared for the birth and love knowing that I have such a strong and supportive and loving husband at my side.  Jon is going to be a great labor coach.  I can’t wait to see him in action be there for me during this momentous occasion in our lives.  One day he will get to tell his son about this day and share his experiences when Hunter looks to him for advice.

I will post a final belly picture here pretty soon and maybe some baby shower pictures.  But hopefully my next post will be all about the arrival of Hunter!!


:::Jon & Kristin:::

I went to the Doctor yesterday for my 38 week and 2 day appointment.  Unfortunately my Doctor was delivering a baby so I had to see the PA, but she is also great.  At my 37 week appointment I was 80% effaced and 1 cm dilated and apparently Hunter is in the perfect position.  So yesterday he made progress, which I was excited about, he is now at 90% effaced and 2 cm dilated and she said he is right there!  She said as much as she would like to say I am 100% effaced, she would just stick with 90%.  Before she even did my exam she said, “so if I tell you to push you are ready, right?”……ummmmm.

I have been feeling (or paying attention) to my little Braxton Hicks contractions now.  It definitely just feels like that time of the month. I felt them quite a bit yesterday after my appointment when I went to Sam’s with my parents and then HEB.  I got home and my lower back was killing me.  I rested for just a bit and then before bed tried my hand at the stairs.  I walked them 12 times….nothing!  Not that we are trying to get the little man out of there immediately, but if he is ready, why not help him out a little bit.  We are also really hoping he comes today or tomorrow because my Doctor is going on Spring Break with her family to Utah and I really would love for her to deliver my baby, especially since I’ve already paid so much to see her and the on call Doctor is the one I switched away from! So prayers for a delivery today or tomorrow would be fantastic.  Jon will also be home and not in San Antonio so it would make it all the better for his conscious.  My last baby shower is tomorrow with Jon’s family, hopefully we will make it and be able to stay the full time.

I am getting a little anxious and nervous for the delivery. Jon is a little scared for me  too and the pain I might endure that last night he even almost started crying.  But I will be okay. I have decided against the epidural and to go as natural as possible.  I will be flexible and if I am in too much pain I will ask for the meds, but I really don’t want them.  I know, I know, some of you think I am crazy, but I want to do this in the most natural way and I want to be strong and able to take on any pain.  God gave me the strength to handle anything, and I can make it through with help from Him and my husband.  Now everything is lined up and paid for and we are packed and ready to go.  I will keep you guys updated when our little bundle of joy arrives!


:::Jon & Kristin:::

Well the final countdown is here.  With less than 15 days to go, we are ready.  I went to the Doctor last week for another weekly visit on Thursday and left a little shocked/anxious.  The week before I hadn’t had much movement going on and the pregnancy hadn’t progressed besides Hunter being in the downward position, but things changed this week.  It was my 37th week appointment and the Doc finished with  my exam and said I am now 80% effaced and 1 cm dilated and that I had a lot of things going on.  She said that a lot of movement had happened that I just might see her this weekend.  Well, that wasn’t the case.  I didn’t end up having to see her this weekend.  But when she told me that, it was like holy cow I am about to be a mom!!  So of course the rest of the day/weekend all Jon or I could think about was being a parent any moment now.  After my appointment Thursday all I could think about was how much I had left to do or what was left.  So I finished a little bit of shopping on a few necessities I still thought I needed.  Now the nursery is complete.  My mom cleaned carpets and that was the last nursery task to do.  I have been nesting quite a bit, especially with Hunter’s drawers, I have new and used clothes and no room to put them all so I have been through those drawers way too many times now!  But finally I finished on Saturday!

Friday was my wonderful husband’s 29th birthday! Since he gets home later now with the new job position, we decided to just go out to dinner later that night alone.  It was fantastic because I have been feeling a few contractions here and there and Hunter has definitely dropped significantly, so it was nice to possibly have our last dinner together as a family of two if Hunter chose to arrive later that weekend.  I took Jon to one of his favorite places, P.F. Changs.  Now I am not one who really likes Chinese food, but it has definitely grown on me a lot now and Jon enjoyed it so much.  He pretty much cleaned every plate because we hardly go there and he had to make it well worth it.  I have to say that the lettuce wraps are our favorite! Our choice of conversation before dinner began was Jon asking Hunter to not come until he got to eat his meal.  After the lettuce wraps, Hunter would be more than welcome to come if he wanted! Saturday night we went to a usual birthday event for Jon, dancing!  That is one of the things Jon has done for his birthday since before we started dating.  Actually I still remember when before we were “exclusive” him asking me to go out to Midnight Rodeo for his 24th or 25th birthday.  I was so nervous and anxious at the time and would not go alone, so I made my best friend and her roommate go.  That is the night I really had feelings for Jon.  I mean I love a guy who likes to go dancing!  So we went to the Broken Spoke saturday night and were accompanied by friends and family.  I was so tired and promised Jon one dance, but I was hesitant to dance anymore.  I am definitely in the latter stages of pregnancy and feeling it now.  Overall Jon had a wonderful birthday and has proclaimed that he will forever be “29 and holding”!  So every birthday from here on out for him I must buy him a card and only write Happy 29th on it. So Happy 29th Birthday Jon!  I love you so much!

Now all we have left is the official countdown to Hunter’s arrival and we can hardly wait! We will be enjoying this time we have left together as a family of two and we look forward to being a family of 3 in a few days, weeks, or whatever it takes!


:::The Herrin’s:::

Little Kung Fu Panda

My how Jon and I have been so busy!!  Our weekends lately have been very limited.  We have just so much going on and I don’t think it will slow down before the little one gets here.  But in the mean time…. I have reached the 34th week, 6 week mark, and the countdown has begun…42 days!  Holy moly!  Jon and I have asked ourselves here lately “are we really ready for this?” I think it is all starting to sink in now that we are in crunch time. The truth is, I don’t think you can ever be really ready for parenthood.  You just have to embrace it as it comes day-to-day, and the best part is being able to learn together.  The anxiousness and the anxiety are all setting in among us.  We know we are ready, we are just wondering what to expect.

Now for me lately, my job is nearing the final countdown.  I will be done working at the end of this month and starting to prepare myself for motherhood.  I can’t believe I will be a mother!  I have always wondered what it is like to be a mom.   I find myself becoming more and more tired each day and I have learned to embrace taking a nap almost everyday!  But believe me, I have no problem with naps.  I love to sleep.  I will probably be a walking zombie when Hunter gets here and I have to get up every couple of hours to feed him.  I already have a hard time getting up so many times throughout the night just to go pee. I mean I have even tried to cut the liquids after a certain time, definitely doesn’t help.  Then I also find myself getting up about an hour before Jon gets up and I go to the restroom, come back, and then I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, but can’t.  How frustrating.  So then I just turn the TV on and try to find something to make me sleepy.  I just know that Hunter is preparing me for those feedings.  So in a few weeks when I am a zombie, I will remind myself of the advice I have gotten plenty of times….”sleep when your baby sleeps”.  Other things that are new….I find myself getting heartburn more easily now.  I used to never have heartburn, but now that the little munchkin is squeezing me, I get it a lot.  My belly to me is growing more.  It wasn’t for a while, but I think now that we are on the homestretch, it’s increasing weekly. I also find myself having a hard time reaching for things, etc.  I didn’t realize there would be times when I just couldn’t squeeze through a space, shave my legs, or stay on my feet for a long time until now.  But I still love being pregnant!

Now for Hunter…..Jon and I have now given him the name “Kung Fu Panda”!!  That boy is always kicking! He especially gets going when I lay on my left side, but no matter what, he has some swift kicks now.  Also at times it looks as if my belly has a little alien in it.  The waves that he makes and how it looks is so funny.  One day Jon and I were watching TV and the man started doing the wave within my belly and I started laughing so hard that it made me cry, and have to pee really bad!!  It sure is a funny thing to watch and I think it is by far my favorite pregnancy moment.  We went to our 33 week appointment last Friday and Dr. Landwermeyer told us that Hunter is average size, which is about 4 lbs. now.  Then I asked her how he is laying because lately as Jon likes to call it, “Hunter is out on his front porch”.  It’s true his favorite thing to do is poke some body part out on my right side of the belly button.  And you can follow it with your hand and play chase pretty much.  But Dr. L says that he is head down, and his butt is sticking out on my left upper side close to my ribs and that little thing that we keep playing chase with is his heel!  It was neat to find out that it was his heel because that is what we guessed it was. Dr. L has also promoted me to weekly check ups! Oh my goodness!!!  That for sure reminded me I am in the home stretch. My next appointment is February 19th (35 weeks) and I am past the phase of being dressed for my Dr. and she says  it is time to start checking my dilation from here on out.

Now for Jon……as of my last post, we didn’t really know what to expect from his job in the next coming months, but now we do.  After a lot of praying and stress, etc., he was asked last week to be a Supervisor over a job in San Antonio.  Now at first we were pretty timid about it because we didn’t know the gas expenses, where he could stay, etc. But it all worked itself out and it turns out the company will be giving him a company van(praise the Lord because that was a lot of gas money) and they will be giving him a gas card too!  And the best part, he won’t have to stay with anyone and can come home every night.  We were both a little worried he wouldn’t be able to be here except on the weekends that way we would save on gas, and we were worried about the up and coming delivery.  Would he be here? Would he be in San Antonio? Who would drive me to the hospital if I needed someone to?  He really wants to be the one to drive me to the hospital and be able to be there for the delivery. So thank you Jesus that Jon has at least a little bit longer at his job and the hours aren’t cut back anymore.  God really came through and provided for us.  I have also had Jon doing a lot of daddy things in the nursery.  He has installed some rain gutter book shelves(pictures to come ASAP), but together the baby bouncer, etc.  Whatever a man’s job is in the room I put him to work!  He loves it and has done a fantastic job.  I’m really glad he enjoys helping with the room.  I have also been getting together Jon’s FAFSA stuff because we are going to enroll him in a few online classes this summer.  He is really excited and really wants to get a degree! I am so proud of him!

Whew!  Sorry for the extra long post……I guess I had a lot to say!  Sorry for those of you who read this and can’t wait for them to be over with!  I promise to make them shorter…sometime soon.  My next post I will just do pictures of the nursery to give you a reading break!


{The Herrin’s}